Course Certification

What is course certification?

The function of the USATF course certification program is to create road competition courses of precisely measured distances. For a running/walking competition to be considered as nationally ranked, it must be held on a USATF-certified road course.

A USATF course certification enables runners to confidently measure their performance and compare it with other runners, having the assurance that the pre-measured courses they are running are reliable.

Why Use Time Line Results for your Certification?

Time Line Results takes great care in making sure that your course is not only of the correct distance, but also makes sure that the course is set up in a way that will be beneficial to the runners, people setting up the course, and your event management company.  This includes free adjustments to your course to make sure that everything lines up.  Many companies will skip this step leaving you with an awkward start and finish line setup.  In addition, our course maps are 100% digitally created.  This leads to cleaner presentation and the ability to alter or reprint a map more quickly than hand drawn maps.

How Much Do Course Certifications Cost?

Course certifications are priced based on the difficulty of the course, the length of the course, and the notice given prior to the course needing to be certified.  We work with events to help you keep course certification costs as low as possible.  In addition, we do not charge to help  you design your course properly.  This makes Time Line Results Course Certifications the Best Value.

How Long Do Course Certifications Last?

Currently course certifications last 10 years after the year of being issued.  This insures that courses stay accurate as often courses degrade over time.  If your course has recently been altered it may no longer be certified.  If you think you fall into this category please email us and we will help you determine if you need to have your course certified again.

Can You Certify Your Running Course Yourself?

The short answer is that you are perfectly welcome to certify a course yourself.  In general though, this is not recommended as course certifying is a very precise task.  In addition you will need multiple items that could quickly add up to be 2-3 times the cost of having your course certified.  Because of this, we recommend you contact us to save your event money as well as possible costly mistakes.