Why Time Line Results

What makes us better?

Time Line Results takes great care in making sure that your event not only is a success, but exceeds all expectations.  Time Line Results is more than a chip timing company, we work with you from the beginning to the end.  Because of our many best practices we find that events are typically larger and smoother under our guidance.  However, we suggest you don’t take our word for it.  Here are just a few comments from people in the running community.

“As a coach, runner, and president of a local running club, I understand the need for a timing company that provides accurate results in a cost efficient way. Each time the Tulsa Running Club has asked that of Timeline Results, they have delivered. I am proud to recommend them to race directors.

There is nothing more frustrating as a runner than to pay to run a race and have bad results or, worse yet, be ommited from a race. I can honestly say that I have never had that happen at a race timed by Timeline Results. When writing my check to enter a race, I now look to see who is timing the race, and if it’s Timeline, my money is there.

As a nonprofit, I understand that money is tight. When choosing a timing company for my race, I always go with the company who under-promises and over-delivers. Time Line Results has never let us down and that’s why they will continue to be my timing company of choice.”

– Shawna Simpson, Tulsa Running Club President

RFid Race Timing

Chip Timing Options

Time Line Results uses the newest and best timing solutions for your events including the IPICO Reusable timing chip system and the Chronotrack disposable timing chip system.

IPICO Reusable Timing chips are disposable or non-disposable and highly unique chips. With better read rates than older technologies (such as ChampionChip), you can make sure that your participants get their precise times. In addition, they can be customized and given away to participants as souvenir chips. Often events will sell logos to put onto these chips to pay for their chip timing.